Car 75 - SMV 31F

1967 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 Sport (rarer aluminium body by Zagato), although ballasted to the weight of steel bodied version..

Conforms to all current UK construction and use regulations, and competition requirements as specified by the RACMSA and the HSCC.

prepared for competition use by Omicron Engineering

Colour Fairly similar to that used by the Fulvia Sport Daytona - class winner & 11th overall of the '69 Daytona 24 hours.   The bonnet colours is also similar to that used by the original racing car..

Engine: 1298cc V4 engine prepared to a blueprinted, competition specification by Omicron retaining standard inlet manifold and standard Solex C35 carburettors as per HSCC regulations. Omicron exhaust system.  Oil Cooler.  Power at flywheel 137.5 bhp to DIN 70020 standard (calculated using MAWA rolling road, Norwich 06/06/01.), full Dynamo as originally fitted, electric fan as per regulations, electric fuel pump as per regulations. We are looking to fit proper race cams to boost power further.

Suspension: design as standard, rebushed all round.   Race specification adjustable dampers

Brakes: Substitute master cylinder with servo assistance as per regulations, discs standard, Dunlop wheel cylinders, racing pad material. 

Gearbox: Revised final drive.  S1 remote change

Wheels: Cromadora 5.5" x 14"J from Lancia 2000 running Yokohama A3032 Advan tyres.

Fuel: 95RON unleaded with lead substitute additive.

Interior: Stack rev counter, SPA intelligent minor instruments, Corbeau racing seat, Full roll cage sourced by Omicron, semi-stripped interior, ballast to meet HSCC weight requirements.



2001: Andrew Cliffe