Cadwell Park: 6th May 2001

Cadwell in Lincolnshire is a beautiful circuit that is very different to most circuits which evolved from airfields - it has gradient - ups and downs which make it much more interesting to watch and drive.

A shortage of marshalls meant that racing on the full circuit was abandoned and the short circuit was used instead.   

Qualifying - we were suffering from brake problems and called into the pits as something was leaking.

We decided that it was most probably fuel that was venting, so between qualifying and race we re-revised the fuel breathing system - we were running the series two design like Louise Kennedy, whose arrangement was picked up by the scruitineer at Mallory Park.    

Race - suffering from lack of brakes and a gear selection problem.       We also suffered from fuel shortage - the fuel loss was much more than estimated.    This has happened to F1 teams - Williams, McLaren, Ferrari, Benetton etc., so we are in good company!

We completed enough laps for Julians license to be signed, and our race pace was faster than qualifying.  We're going to look at the calibration of the fuel gauge, the gear selection problem and to try and solve the braking problems - we're also still waiting for our race engine to be finished.  

Silverstone next...