Mallory Park: 22nd April 2001

This week was the first time since November last year that the car had even been started, so we came to Mallory with a brand new car with only a few road miles and with a novice driver with no prior racing experience at all.  Our final race engine and gearbox are not ready yet, so a fast road specification engine is currently installed.

There was no problems with the car except for a slight braking problem and an intermittent gear selection problem between 2nd and 3rd gears.  The engine & gearbox are not currently racing specification - these are being built and will appear later this season

Julian felt confident enough with his driving and that of the car to attack the circuit, and challenge and successfully overtake a few other cars, before the gear selection problem occurred again, and those cars regained track position.

Whilst we're a couple of seconds off the pace of the other cars in our class, we think that the car is very promising starting point.   Some better tyres will help a lot, and speed will increase as Julian's confidence in his own racecraft and his understanding of the car builds.