Oulton Park: 9th June 2001

Oulton Park is a long way to travel for us - some 5-6 hours from Norfolk.   

This is the first race with our new race engine, which, if you believe rolling road results, gives maximum power of at least 137.5 bhp @  7070 rpm (DIN 70020).    We are also using a different gearbox with a more suitable final drive ratio.

Class E was well contested at this race with two Turners, two Ginetta G15s, two Alfa Romeo Guiliettas, two Fulvias, a Triumph Spitfire and a Lotus VI. 

We were delighted, although somewhat surprised to outpace the Fulvia 1300 Coupe driven by Cliff Brindley - this car having contested Historic Road Sports for a number of years, and also pleased to finish 2nd in class E, with only the Ginetta G15 driven by Michael Richings in front. 

Race (8 laps)

A couple of lighter cars managed to out drag Julian from the start line, but he settled down quickly.   Somewhere on the first lap there was a yellow flag incident which I understand was due to a Milano losing places which then started to climb up the field.   On lap three the Milano passed Julian out of Knickerbrook and a missed gearchange caused Cliff Brindley in the red Fulvia Coupe to close and the two cars touched on the way into Druids, with our car being half a length ahead of the other Fulvia.  The touch was enough to put our car into the gravel trap.  Cliff Brindley was luckier and went to the grass, and went on to finish 11th overall. His car also suffered damage during the coming together with Julian, but also received frontal damage in separate incident earlier in the race (believed to have happened during the yellow flag on the first lap) with the yellow TVR Vixen of Paul Myatt.

In his single, complete, racing lap (lap 2) Julian improved upon his practice time by just over 2.9 seconds.  Unfortunately it is another DNF, and he didn't complete the necessary number of laps to get his license sighed.  This means the novices cross on the back of the car stays put a bit longer!

We applied for permission to install a video camera in the car, and the in-car footage worked very well, but due to the contract you have to sign we are not allowed to publicly broadcast any footage anywhere in the world (including internet; terrestrial, cable or satellite TV) and we have to pay Octagon Motorsports Limited 25,000 if we do...

The car is now being repaired and repainted and we should *hopefully* be at Snetterton for the AMOC non-championship race.  

2001: Andrew Cliffe www.lanciaracing.co.uk