Snetterton: 23rd June 2001

This was not an HSCC event, but an Aston Martin Owners Club AMOC event.    The HSCC do not run at Snetterton this year, and with it being our closest circuit thought it would be nice to race there, and was suitable for local friends and work colleagues to come and cheer.

AMOC had several races which were eligible for HSCC entrants, and we were put in race 3 - Classic Lotuses verses other sportscars - the entry ranged from modern racing Elises and a V8 Esprit turbo, to older Elans and Europas.   

As this was not governed by HSCC regulations we removed the 100kg or so of ballast.   Most of the other cars competing would have been considered illegal by the HSCC!

Qualifying - we spent a lot of time stuck behind a Porsche 924 - there was not enough of a difference in speed to overtake along the straights, eventually we found our way past towards the end of the session and were able to improve our lap time considerably.   We found the car was understeering more than usual - possibly due to removal of some of the ballast, and possibly due to shock absorbers.    Julian felt he would have been able to go a little quicker had he not been stuck behind the Porsche.

Race - we decided to race with some of the ballast back in to try and reduce the understeering effect.   Out of a field of about 28 we finished 21st - several cars failed to finish, but we finished ahead of two Ginetta G4's and the Porsche.  Julian had a good battle with a 1600cc TVR, but again the TVR was able to power away from the Fulvia on the straights.    Our race time was about 2.5 seconds faster than our qualifying time.

Another race finish, another signature on the license, more experience and no damage.   Everyone went home happy.

2001: Andrew Cliffe