Car preparation: 

At the very minimum any car that should be used for Motor Racing will require an external battery master switch, electric fuel pump, front and rear towing eyelets, a fire extinguisher, a rear facing red warning light, a roll cage, race seat and harness, throttle return springs and tyres recognised as suitable for competition use by the RACMSA.

The regulations for HSCC circuit racing permit a certain amount of modification to the engine, suspension & brakes, but many things have to be left as standard.

Obviously to be able to challenge the front runners in the class, then money has to be spent on car development.


License Application

ARDS introductory pack 39
ARDS test 295
RACMSA license application 57
HSCC membership 140
Car identity documents  
Weighbridge tickets 5 - 10

Race Entry Fees 2001 - 3 surchage for credit card payment

Donington 135
Mallory Park 135
Cadwell Park 130
Silverstone 185 (1/2 hour race)
Oulton Park 145
Snetterton 130
Brands Hatch 195
Donington Park 135
Silverstone tba


Racing suit 75 - 300
Gloves 22 - 50
Crash Helmet 60 - 500 (or more)
"If you've got a 10 Dollar head, get a 10 Dollar hat"
Racing Boots 50 - 120
not strictly necessary

Other Costs



2001: Andrew Cliffe