Choice of Car

Presumably, if you're reading this, then you are considering racing a Lancia.   There are a great many different series and competitions to enter, but I am going to cover the Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) Circuit Racing in most detail.

HSCC Historic Road Sports

Appia Sport (class E)
Aurelia B20 GT, B24 Spider or Convertible (B)
Flaminia Sport, (B)
Flavia Sport, (D)
Fulvia Coupe 1.3 (E)
Fulvia Coupe 1.6HF (D)
Fulvia Sport Zagato (E)

HSCC 70's Road Sports

Fulvia Coupe 1.3 series 2 / series 3 (E)
Fulvia Coupe 1.6HF series 2 (D)
Fulvia Sport Zagato 1.3 series 2 (E)
Fulvia Sport Zagato 1.6 (class D)

Beta (class D)
Montecarlo (class D)

HSCC Class structure

Class A - All cars over 3000cc
Class B - All cars 2001cc - 3000cc
Class C - glass fibre cars, 1301cc - 2000cc
Class D - metal bodied cars, 1301cc - 2000cc
Class E - all cars up to 1300cc

The cheapest cars to compete in are the Lancia Fulvia and Lancia Beta.   These are also the most likely to be able to contest class wins.    Fulvias and Betas have proven to be fast, reliable and competitive steeds.

There may be suitable cars for sale on the adverts placed on the Omicron Engineering website or from the projects page on this site 

Other cars eligible for class E include Ginetta G15s, Turners, Triumph Spitfires, Lotus VI, Alfa Romeo Guiliettas.  Cars eligible for class D include Alfa Romeo GTV, Porsche 914, Alfa Romeo Guilia, Lotus 6, Porsche 911.  All these cars have their own strengths and weaknesses. 

2001: Andrew Cliffe