Car Preparation

In order to go racing a number of things have to be done to any car to make them comply with safety regulations laid down by the RACMSA as well as a number of regulations regarding modifications laid down by the series organisers.

Safety modifications include fitting a roll cage, a fire extinguisher system, throttle return springs, fuel pumps running through a separate switch plus towing eyelets and an external battery master switch.   Brake and fuel lines can be run through the car for safety reasons.

There are a number of regulations laid down by series organisers which are aimed to make the series accessible, yet to provide competitive racing.   Many of these regulations are policed and your car can be spot checked by the Clerk of the Course at random.  Some of the regulations are slightly hazy, and it is open to interpretation what is and what is not permissable - example roll cages are not meant to reinforce the car, but any roll cage bolted or welded in is going to reinforce the car somewhat - they accept this but don't want people to have a cage that you would expect in a modern Touring Car or Rally Car. 

2001: Andrew Cliffe