Spares and Equipment

It is often useful to take some spare parts in the event of a small problem.   There is not enough time to tackle big jobs, but some smaller jobs can be done at the race meeting with only a basic toolkit.   

If you don't have a trailor I would consider membership of some type of recovery organisation - at the very least have a mobile phone with you.

Basic Package:

Brake pads, certainly pads for fronts
Alternator/ Dynamo/ Fan belt
Distributor cap, rotor arm, contact breaker points, spark plugs, HT leads, coil
Radiator hoses
Fuel hose

selection of fuses & bulbs
at least one spare wheel with suitable tyre fitted

Fuel (there is usually a petrol pump in the paddock if very low)
Brake Fluid
Lead additive (if necessary)
Jerry Can


Tyre Pressure Gauge
Foot Pump or electrically powered compressor.

Wheel brace
Tools for brake pad change

Socket Set
selection of spanners
selection of screwdrivers
selection of pliers / grips

sharp Knife
Gaffer/Duct tape
Electrical insulation tape
Hose clips
cable ties

It is often very useful to have a selection of nuts & bolts, screws and other fasteners, hose clips and assorted bits of hose. 

2001: Andrew Cliffe